I saw another homeless man on the street here in Seattle.

This is the third one that struck me- not physically you assuming fool!  His presence did resonate so strongly!

The first was a Japanese bum seated on the ground holding up a pair of ladies jeans laughing with two friends- basking in the sun.

The second was the torn michelin-tire-sandled black man- as dark as possible- wearing a down quilt of faded reds and orange as a robe with hood upon his head- jay walking straight across Denny Street.

The third was so weathered that all sense has vanished from his eyes, he was lost to any reality we might know but in our greatest fears.  His skin and hair had turned from Caucasian to Japanese and weathered again to a spirit of winter.  He screamed out at the rain and things that only madmen struck with blindness could imagine.

There was the first man and then the Sound.  The second and then the Mountains.  The third and endless rain.  They were the same as that vast beyond- wandering and exposure.  The cave they are.  The desert they are.  The endless universe they are.

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  • Mike Parker

    Whoa, I didn’t realize you were in Seattle! That’s epic! Homeless people always evoke so many thoughts. My thoughts are usually boring, but yours are often crystalline. How fortunate for the internet!