Short Fiction

Fiction should likely be written in Italics or surrounded by quotes.  The progression from journal to original has been slow but steady.

For now here are the rules:

  1. keep it to the point, we (I) are (am) not paid (at all) by the word and reader isn’t interested in fluff (incidentally my rambling is not ‘fluff’)
  2. in the spirit of number one, say what you mean to say and leave the rest (I mean to say quite a bit)
  3. in what you read, what is sincerely fictional is likely the mundane
  4. in what you read, what seems unlikely is typically copied straight from life (this may mean that I am a hack)
  5. the embarrassing is to embarrass; does it you or me?
  6. i cannot spell, and i fail to utilize the spell check
  7. the stories are meant to be funny as much as they may be horrific or heart wrenching- the writer does not take himself seriously more than that he thinks himself an artist