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Of Courtship

be decent, honest, and kind. Rule #1: Shaping yourself into your partner’s ideal is not kind.  I know it felt that way.  But it is not honest; and therefore not decent.  Probably because it is not sustainable.  And probably because … Continue reading

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Daily Self-Suggestion

be brave young warrior be your best beast Love so deeply guide by living And live awesomely!

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Male Role Models

Burt from Mary Poppins for his steadfast goofiness while ever doomed with Mary, and his compassion for the role of the Father. Mike Terry from Redbelt for his unyielding commitment to honor over comfort. Jim Henson for his representation of … Continue reading

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A List of Prompts

Fear Threshold Change Risk Exposure Change Success Leadership Imparting Educating Truth Dogma Dualism Initiate Student Guide Instructor Educator Greater Power Gracious Beast Beauty Persistence Endurance Path of Least Resistance Proud Line Status Power Belief Form Security Trust Faith Safe Mercy … Continue reading

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