Throughout this scenario small bits of the background begin fading and vanishing.  By the end of the scene there is nothing left.  This is an homage to “Visual Thinking” by Jim Henson.

A: (howling)

B: Hey A, what are you doing?

A: I am howling like a wolf.

B: Really?  Can I howl too?

A: Sure.

A & B: (Howl together)

B: Why are we howling A?

A: … I am not sure why you are howling.  But I am because I have lost everything.

B: (Startled.  B Looks about with terrible concern) Everything?

A: Yes, everything!

B: You lost your job?

A: No.  But everything else.

B:  You lost your home?

A: No, everything else.

B: You lost your wife?

A: No, everything else.

B: You lost your friends?

A: No, everything else.

B: Your marbles.

A: Never had marbles.

B: What exactly did you lose A?

A: … well here is the punchline but I don’t have a clever response.  I will continue as I have, everything B!

B: You have lost your sense, or your sense of having senses!

A: Never had either of those either.

B: It’s not wonder.  Should I even ask then why we are howling?  What does howling have to do with losing everything?

A:  I’ve forgotten.

B: You forgot?

A: Oh no!…  (A buries his face in his hands sadly, crying terribly.)

B: A! A!  It’s ok.  Don’t cry, don’t cry.

A: Really?  I shouldn’t cry?

B:  You don’t have to, its ok.

A:  Is it?  Have I remembered?

B: Have you?

A: No… oh no!  (starts crying again)

B: But A!  There’s no sense in crying.

A:  I have no sense…  What should I do instead?  Try to remember?

B:  That never works.

Disappearing noticeably stops.

A: (concentrating really hard with his eyes closed and holding his breath, shaking).

B: What are you doing A?

A: Bottling it up.

B: Well don’t do that!

A: No?  What should I do then?

Disappearing begins again.

B: Let’s try to fix it.

A: Nothing is broken.

B: You are.

A: (looks at self perplexed) really?  Where?

B:  Your head.

A: (cross eyed, trying to look at his own head)

B: Never mind.  (Hands on face, shaking head back and forth)

A begins disappearing, all of the background is gone by now.

B: Well keep howling then.

A: Really?  That doesn’t feel right anymore.

B begins disappearing too.

B: You’re right, it doesn’t.

A: How about bird sounds?

B: Ok.  (quacks like a duck)

They have vanished

A: (screams like a hawk)