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A sparrow flew by me and for an instant he was a white owl. The sparrow owl landed on the ground and looked to me with knowing eyes and as much of a smile as a sparrow owl can muster. … Continue reading

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Old to me, new to you

One particularly cold winter squirrels decided to nest in my window.  They would crawl behind the cage with cardboard and leaves and plastic bags.  They made more room by chewing through my screen.  At first they were afraid of me, … Continue reading

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I need a Guide

I have been introduced to a new Power. I should learn from this Power, Power’s name is Pain. I am the Initiate, and the Great Power is Pain, I need a Guide. The Guide will formally introduce me to Pain … Continue reading

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The magick of last night

A cup of Siberian Ginseng Tea with sugar Then I find myself in the closet with a computer and books And soon enough the books are spilled over and I am only interested in what was inspired And that fills … Continue reading

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Old Dreams (3/7/12)

I dreamt some force had come to the place we were- military in feel.  The monks were being thrown or throwing themselves from the mountain tops.  These are the same mountains that I either look for in dreams (the ideal … Continue reading

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