And Red

The sunlight is so gentle at this hour.
It is the gold that urges a smiles, nudging arms and sweet warmth when eyes close.

No pouty lips or longing looks,
sultry cock of head.
Just deep breath
and smile
and Closing eyes to red and opening to gold,
And a smile back
that is nothing more and nothing less than a smile.
That tension
washed away-
Taking lover into arms and holding well.
And here is the first long breath I’ve drawn.
So the first quiet I’ve had-
To sit and listen,
be and embrace.

For a moment,
feel the earth under foot, air in lungs
and Anna in arms.
Breathe in the gold and red.

  • Metaguru

    In with gold and red, out with green and blue.
    One more puff of violet, and release your breath with a deep indigo in mind.
    The moments just before the dawn and just before sunset are very inspirational, and you have a rich heritage to draw from.

    Keep up the good work!