I will thank a Japanese mother who managed the balance of disciplined practice without killing it for us, a father who said that playing the piano would get me girls, a brother who needed me for collaboration, and his best friend Dave Walling who said I could join their punk band if I learned to play the accordion.

Two Songs (Expected Season 7) For Adventure Time –  television show

Turn Out Turn Up (Aug 2012) Dance Accompaniment

Fork and Stick Thing (Feb-April 2012) Dance Accompaniment

Make a Rising (2003-2012) Avant-Prog Rock Band

  • New I Fealing (online release 2010)
  • Infinite Elipse and Head with Open Fontanel (High Two 2008)
  • Rip Through the Hawk Black Night (High Two 2004)

Hiroshima/Nagasaki (2000-2002) Prog-Pop

Anal Sausage (1992-1998) Punk/Funk/Ska/Hardcore