on a late train

On a late train, the fairest beauty-
fair by complexion:
hair and teeth, gold and white (respectively),
fair by design:
clothes and cut, right and tight (through and through)

on a late train, given to drinking,
by get-up and hour, and daring seat-taking
next to mine, when a dozen more are open.

But more so she has vision,
she uses her two to gaze
eyes as I do, in the appearing mirror
by darkening glass
the strobeing speeding
by tunnels and such

giving eyes in the mirror,
some smiling and widening-cracked smiles,
turning, twiddling, and rubbing thumbs
and other shy glances,
and chewing of gum
and carrying the confidence
that is

(it is one for the seasoned creep- to sit shy in his seat with turning thumbs;
and in the appearing mirror to be a man of smiles and reward?
to think! to meet her also in the glass,
suggesting that this could be a place for “hello’s”?
Fantastic! What dreams!)

She’ll push, one more,
turning to look at my face,
she might feign a shy looking beyond
glancing by panning focus
and for that I am a brilliant target,
“the more you love me the lovelier you become!”

I do think of my love.
In my home,
-the one that is sure.
Not this vanishing appearing darkening.
I have learned some reason.
I won’t play:
there are too many stops before mine
(it is only flirting)
but given time, what would it-?
no, and
so I give no thing,
although she has turned her head,
now only inches from my cheek,
staring, wanting,
This is Direct.
this one, without the slightly playing at looking beyond,
she is waiting for me, “turn, I’ll kiss you!” (her shouting staring)

all I’ll give
is the same cracked smile in an appearing mirror by darkening glass
Me: staring at glass
She: into my ear
(I love her for every advance)-

My Stop!
Thank God (curse Devils!)!
I am off.
Will she look?
Because her back is to me.
Will she look?
I’ve slown to see.

the doors close

the train jerks.

She spins left, half shoulder,
then right, “here I am!”  “here I am!” (me shouting waiting)
Laughing, we are both happily caught!
All her teeth, and more eyes than can be
given save for love making

And we’ll never see each other again,
thank the lord.
What a mess that would be.