Old Dreams (3/7/12)

I dreamt some force had come to the place we were- military in feel.  The monks were being thrown or throwing themselves from the mountain tops.  These are the same mountains that I either look for in dreams (the ideal hidden crag in my back yard) or the distant mountains so very far from home though I do not feel far at all (Greenland, Iceland, Baffin Island- some distance like this).  We (the friends and family about) fled to the low lands.  These low lands, they are the farm.  It is the farm that I have gone to my entire life in dreams, the safe and the terrifying place that I go.  This particular manifestation has the ghost house that neighbors the main farm house.  In this dream I decide that hiding in the ghost house is a smart choice.  It is smart because I am choosing my terror in this way?  Or it is smart because I can pin terror against terror in this place?  One ghost comes to me, he is Italian or Latino, he is there with his family and asks that I hide elsewhere.  This  is not appropriate right now, I must hide in my own fears.  I went to the house with stairs behind stairs an the hidden room that is hard for others to find.  I have hidden here a thousand times.  I know the way though others would never imagine.  This time it was hidden deeper than ever before.  And I woke.

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