Justin once lived in a crumbling lodge in West Philadelphia with many friends and animals and intermittently in solitude in narrow attics or his truck.  He has now found a unexpected home in a Los Angeles bungalow.  Wrestling between the expectations of stability vs. passion, income vs. adventure, he settles for burning from both ends.  Justin’s creative process is personally encompassing if not potentially holistic, thus he is currently working on completing numerous works merging music, movement, performance art, positive self development, and prose.  Influences include a potter in her sixties, a dead puppeteer, the best moments of beautiful people on the street, dogs, Parsival, exposure, the urban and the alpine, wilderness, and his own fears.

  • Metaguru

    Aha! I wish the boy and the beast the best of luck on their journey.
    Happy shamaning!

  • Sithsaber


    I’m assuming you’re the one who made this? (Sound cloud without the app is ridiculous)

    1. You must have heard of this already but The Holy Mountain http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Holy_Mountain_%281973_film%29 takes your idea of the guide and the mountain in a more…putrid direction.

    • Justin

      Anecdotal evidence is my brother’s podcast. I just use his soundcloud account cause I am cheap sometimes. Yeah I love Jodorowsky. Holy Mountain borrowed a lot from Mount Analogue, which I also love a lot.