Beast and Berry Additional Ending

I originally had this tag on the end of Beast and Berry, but didn’t know how to utilize it.  Let me know what you think:


I am away from home.  I can barely write.  They’ve put poison and graves in me and pills to stop the cleansing.  My eyes have been on this notepad for hours, but I have been too weak to ask for it, or argue with the nurse who washed away the soil and made my bark skin again.  I am away from home and I cannot think straight and I don’t know what animal I am.

She stands before me and I’d wish to see a tree about her just as clearly…

I found him.  He was half bones, half eaten.  He was pecked by birds.  Thorny berries have grown through him.  This was his hopeful end.  His cupboard is still full of beans, rice, and dried meat by the stove.

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