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Nini Theilade

I’ve decided that for my greatest feat of impossible love – Following the borderline personality haunted by ghosts, The 3-year pen pal with an endless cast of hidden boyfriends, The secret affair with “married” woman, The married childhood sweetheart with … Continue reading

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closing words (excerpt)

…What I will leave you with is one more idea that didn’t have an adequate place within the paper until now; it might be a helpful analogy.  It is simple and almost physical.  I didn’t speak much about fear, but … Continue reading

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Update. Not prose.

Because I won’t waste a thing, the sad and lost, because I won’t endure impossible pain just to feel sorry for myself, torture is not an idol thing, especially when I allow the dark abuses. Because I have a hero … Continue reading

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How quickly those little gremlins creep out From forgotten tucked aways; The dirt and darkens. How terribly they spring up Conjuring suddenly and Devilish images of thought forgotten Heartache and jealous The stoic, composed, trained-relaxed: Your face And slow breath … Continue reading

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Of Courtship

be decent, honest, and kind. Rule #1: Shaping yourself into your partner’s ideal is not kind.  I know it felt that way.  But it is not honest; and therefore not decent.  Probably because it is not sustainable.  And probably because … Continue reading

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It is Sunday.  It is sunny.  There are couples riding about.  Long hair being blown about with smiles and carrying flowers.  Well fitted pants and snappy shoes, and fabrics that can be seen through by backlit Sun. Partners, as they … Continue reading

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Old to me, new to you

One particularly cold winter squirrels decided to nest in my window.  They would crawl behind the cage with cardboard and leaves and plastic bags.  They made more room by chewing through my screen.  At first they were afraid of me, … Continue reading

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A rare post

I don’t think I have ever written to my audience.  But considering that I have few, if any, visitors, save the consistent spam audience visiting me via porn sites and retailers, I will make an announcement: I have posted the … Continue reading

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Under My Thumb

The climb, if not absolutely overhanging, is less than by only a few degrees: 170, 175.  Any person shown the problem would say that the whole is thing is climbed upside down, which is true, but I point out those … Continue reading

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Others have expressed this much more eloquently than this.  As a work of prose, this is certainly wanting, however I am posting it for the sake of record and feeling: There is a castle.  It is a wonderful place, with … Continue reading

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