Others have expressed this much more eloquently than this.  As a work of prose, this is certainly wanting, however I am posting it for the sake of record and feeling:

There is a castle.  It is a wonderful place, with magical luxuries, many of which you can use, some others of course have more than you, but still you have much, and those things are amazing.  The food can be plentiful and decadent.  The alcohol flows and the vehicles are fast.  There is warmth and friends are very little in way of dangers to your person.  The castle appears as if we have come so far.  But then just outside the castle is the sea of misery.  And that sea of misery is full of horrors that you can hardly udder or let your mind stray to: babies being raped by many men, child soldiers torturing their fathers and mothers, drug addicted prostitutes bought and sold, stolen organs from living persons…  That sea is detestful.  But that sea is from the castle- the castle needs it to be as wondrous as it is.  Without the sea the castle would not have wealth or ease or speedy cars and cheap gas- not as it does at least.  And so we realize that so many of the things in the castle make the sea of misery, even this computer I type on.  And we become forlorned.  But then we remember those who are not in the sea of misery nor are they in the castle.  They are on hidden islands.  Maybe in the deep jungle, or a far off glacier, or in the mountains, or the desert.  And they are running from the castle because there are scouts looking for them to offer them the castle and its benefits.  But it is a trick- those gifts will enslave them and soon their islands will sink and they will be drowning in the sea of misery.  Run free ones!  You have not needed their schools or hospitals for thousands of years- why is it unethical for you not to have them now?  You have only learned to want more because they brought you TV’s and radios so you could find out what you don’t have.  Need you these things?  Are the Amish in the castle?  Or in the sea of misery?  Or have they managed an island?

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