Daily Self-Suggestion

be brave young warrior
be your best beast
Love so deeply
guide by living
And live awesomely!

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  • john

    This is borderline for me, Justin. Even though it’s dead on. I recently got an accidental look at a middle aged woman’s vision wall and there are some disturbing if coincidental echoes happening here. Oh, and I think it’s the use of the word awesome and the use of caps in the phrase “Guide by Living” that makes it feel kind of born-again.
    I’m just saying!

    • Justin

      changes made.

    • Justin

      In many ways I am a middle aged born-again woman.

  • jw

    You know what phrase I really dislike is ” Be the change you want see in the world.” I don’t understand how a construction this awkward can become so well travelled. It was in fact on the vision wall I was referring to.