Seeker 1: That is it!  Here is the path to truth!
Seeker 2: Really?  How do you know?
Seeker 1: Because I have seen it!  The other side!  I do it this way and again and again I see the other side!*
Seeker 2: So what you see denotes what is?
Seeker 1: Of course!  It is right there!  As clearly as this wall is solid and this apple falls when I drop it!

A bee flies up against a window, desperate to get back outside.  He can see and feel the sun and grass, and he beats his head repeatedly against the pane to make his way through.  Seekers 1 and 2 try to guide him out, but their giant hands are horrific and they only push him towards darkness, wood and metal and not the clear pane that must hold the way out!  If the foolish insect only knew that it was through the dark hallway that there is an open door to the outside.

*science, religion, truth, truth, truth, again and again

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