doing and being

The process of doing and being, rather than analysis and conjecture- there is an art and beauty in the repeated slog up one single mountain; as there is a beauty in embracing the always changing or varied terrain.  In being- it is the art of guiding but with intention in manner and behavior, so a template maybe useful in manufacturing prior to experience, so long as the model is amenable to change.  In this way the seemingly repetitive may provide a more evident process of doing and being.  More change in the stillness than in the always moving.

Things don’t resolve.  Problems are not to solve.  The space made can merely be filled with things we want or do not want or we experience the emptiness itself.

Learning to live without others.

Learning to live without one’s self.  Given over to madness or to death or such that one is unrecognizable to one’s self.


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